Hong Kong Metro Train

Hong Kong Metro Train

Joel has been a web developer for five years . His first web job was supposed to be a graphic designer trainee. But in less than a week, his Dutch employer assigned him as a PHP developer, a role which was vacated unexpectedly. From then on, he immersed himself more in coding than in designing.

He handled web-based financial software in PHP.  If  only he already knew CodeIgniter that time, web development would have been more pleasant. Nonetheless, the project taught him complex SQL queries and business logic.

In addition, he also handled WordPress/jQuery powered websites integrated to third-party auto-responder.

Many developers are passionate in getting their feet into Ruby on Rails. By twist, a US-based company hired him as a back-end developer for their client management app using the eminent web framework. The next company had him expand an email broadcasting system.

At present, he is doing PHP stuff in Dubai, UAE.

While his friend is  dreaming for game application development like in Blizzard Entertainment, Joel is aiming to be kick-ass  Enterprise Resource Planning developer.

When he isn’t programming or reading, he must be hooked on photography.


key strengths & skill set

  • Proficient in business applications.
  • Incline to object-oriented programming, specialize in back-end development.
  • Practice iterative development in a team-oriented environment.

Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Framework/Class Libraries/Model
Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, WordPress, JQuery, PrototypeJS, Scal, Dojo

FileZilla, Putty, TortoiseSVN, Navicat,  Netbeans, Aptana Studio, PHPDesigner
Ubuntu Linux, Windows 7